Department of Sociology, FGU

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Brief History

The department was established in 2001 (90 years of the Republic of China).
In 2001, the Republic of China (90 years) set up a research institute to recruit graduate students.
In 2002, in the Republic of China (91 years), a bachelor's degree was established to cultivate four-year college students.
It is the first department of sociology in eastern Taiwan, and has both educational and research units.

In 2018 (the Republic of China 107 years) master classes were grouped into a sociology group and a social work group.
In 2019 (Republic of China, 108), the name of the department was changed to the Department of Sociology and Social Work.

The first Director of the department is Professor Jian XIE.
After the establishment of the bachelor class in 2002, the first department head was Professor Hsin-Hwa LIN.
In 2006, Associate Professor Ta-Sen LIN took over as the second dean of the department.
In 2008, Professor
Hsin-Hwa LIN returned to the position of the third department head.
In 2011, Professor
Ta-Sen LIN served as the fourth dean of the department.
Since 2014, Associate Professor Tsu-Bang CHENG
 has served as the fifth head of the department.